Thursday, June 28, 2012

A great Edition for any home!

I can't emphasize enough, that anybody who wants to learn to cook, is passionate about doing so, and would like to save money by cooking fresh rather than a box, this cook book is a MUST have. The edition I have was given to me by my Mom when I was in high school, to put away in my hope chest. What I absolutely love about the cookbook is that it is like a little culinary school for self teaching. I like it as my go to book for a lot of the basic recipes (I.E. Chocolate Chip cookies, banana bread, etc.). Another feature of the book that I LOVE is the part where you learn about the different produce, spices, meats, measurements, canning tips and substitutions. There is also a recipe index at the back of the book with the different color labels for each section that is easy to see and direct yourself to, and even at the very back of the book there is another section that is alphabetized based a specific ingredient so that if you have more of an ingredient than you needed for one recipe (or you bought a lot and became afraid it will go bad before you use it) you have an idea of something else you can make with it.

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