Thursday, July 5, 2012

My trial and error

I hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th! These last few days I've been brainstorming what I can put up here recipe wise, and the last few things I've made trying to label as my own recipe is still in the trial stages. Something that is new to me cooking wise is these pretty little dried beans called Black-Eye Peas. I've heard of them before, and remember having them once before, though I can't remember where or when, but I most certainly remember the flavor.

So after trying them a couple of days ago, and putting in random ingredients that I figure would be good with beans, I decided to make them again today in the slow cooker. I took approximately 1 cup of the black-eye peas, 1/4 sweet onion, 1 tablespoons minced garlic,  2 tsp. dried fennel seeds, then salt and pepper to taste. Black-eye peas are super yummy with meat. I know a common meat used with black-eye peas is pork, but I don't eat pork so I have been using turkey product. I add the fennel because I use turkey, I like to give the dish a little bit of a sausage flavor with the fennel.

Something in my mind told me that black-eye peas need cornbread. So when I was trying to make a cupcake with the flavor I wanted, I had sifted the flour and had a bit extra, which in turn I used for the cornbread. A lot of cornbread I've had or made has been dense, but the sifted flour seemed to make it a bit fluffier, I also added a little extra milk than the recipe called for.

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